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The indie games market is growing faster and faster. Searching the Internet we can come across thousands of interesting games. Today we return to the great game EarthX.

On we have access to many games of the indie genre, including the aforementioned EarthX, a game in which we play as the owner of a space company. Our main task is to make flights for as little cost as possible. You can see here a clear reference to SpaceX, which also set itself this goal in the first place. On our way to success, we will have to cope with such tasks as building more and more efficient rockets, discovering technologies that can reduce costs, managing buildings, employees and many others.

The process of building rockets and developing our company is simple. All thanks to a clear and neat interface allowing for comfortable and pleasant gameplay. The construction consists in selecting appropriate segments of the rocket (after the appropriate discovery in the "laboratory"!) and ordering its construction in the factory. As we are already talking about the gameplay, it is worth mentioning about the audiovisual setting. As for a game created by a one-person studio, the game captivates with its appearance and music. The visual part was made with the use of low poly technique, i.e. the so-called three-dimensional graphic grid. The audio fixture does not go a step further, it is pleasant to the ear and we will not want to mute it soon.

A number of updates appeared on the days introducing larger and smaller errors fix, the system of hiring employees, loans and visual improvements. The game is really great, the time spent with it is pure pleasure. The cost of a few dollars should not discourage anyone :)

Final score: 8/10

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