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The magical world of MMORPG games in the 1990s evolved with ultima online and tibia. There was a RuneScape somewhere on the side. The game is very good and definitely more complex, but less popular than the mentioned ones. Sometimes it is the case that the quality of the product loses with the popularity of the competition. Tibia has been loved by millions. However, RuneScape had features unparalleled among other representatives of the genre.


Here, each skill fits perfectly with the other. Mining, which allows us to dig better and better minerals, can be trained along with smithing, which allows us to make weapons from excavated materials. Fishing is developed by catching fish, which we can then fry and train cooking. Malicious people say about Runescape that it is a game about digging rocks and cutting down trees. The truth is that in order to earn a little penny in the beginning, we should sell things that we can get with an axe, a pickax or a rod. In addition, we will deal with the following professions:

  • Agility - overcoming labyrinths and obstacle courses - with the development of skills we can use more shortcuts and run faster.
  • Crafting - making various utility items.
  • Dungeoneering - traversing dungeons for prizes.
  • Herblore - creating potions that raise statistics.
  • Runecrafting - creating the runes needed for magical attacks and spells.
  • Fluting - creating crossbows, arches and arrows.
  • Thieving - stealing from npcs, treasures, etc.
  • Slayer - carrying out missions of typically killing monsters.
  • Farming - farming
  • Construction - building your own house, room and objects in it.
  • Hunter - hunting
  • Summoning - summoning monsters that will help us in combat and beyond.
  • Divination - collecting energy and producing objects with it.
  • Invention - allows you to deconstruct objects and get new ones from them.

All skill levels can be raised to 99 and dungeoning up to 120. Getting such high levels is a very long game. Even one skill promoted to level 99 may require hundreds of hours of play. To extort the character i.e. get all the maximum levels you need to spend many years in the game. There are those who have lost their youth for her. As you raise the levels, of course, you get new possibilities. A higher level of fishing allows you to fish for new fish that restore more health points. And the game is so extensive that we can find dozens of items within each skillet. The climate of Runescape means that even when trees are tediously felled, there is always someone with whom you can exchange a few words.


Attack, strenght, defence, prayer, magic and ranged are skills that we will train while fighting hundreds of different monsters. In other games of this type we choose the character class and it is this class that shapes the combat system. There are no character classes in Runescape. This is a great advantage, because by playing and putting emphasis on magic we become specialists in this field. Nothing prevents us from specializing in attack and strength training at the 90th level of magic, which will make our character a strong warrior. You can also develop each of these skilles to the maximum, which will allow us to exchange weapons between the sword, bow and wand. This perfect balance makes the game unique and unique among the representatives of the genre.


Currently, there are 220 tasks to perform here. While in other games many quests are about killing a certain number of monsters, here the tasks are very varied and create a wonderful and exciting storyline of the game. In addition, the most difficult tasks require high levels of skill. At the beginning of the game there is no way to start all the tasks. On the contrary - only a few tasks can be completed.

The game map

The world of RuneScape is huge. In the game there are cities, islands, desert, undergrounds, swamps, castles…whatever your soul desires. For many years spent with this wonderful MMO I didn't manage to visit all the locations.

Audio-visual environment

Graphics in the game was once terrible, as it is in any old-school MMORPG. Although it still looked better than Tibia. Today it looks just as simple as that. Far away from graphic's masterpiece, but you can just play it. Sound is simple music, but very atmospheric. Many melodies have existed in the game from the very beginning, i.e. since 2001 (!). Such a model is very pleasant to skill our character up. Although it would be useful to give voices to all NPC characters.

In the final word….

It's really good, because in RuneScape we always have what to do. An extremely important aspect of the game is the community. We always have someone to talk to or build a team to kill the boss together. Although the local, Polish scene of RuneScape is slowly dying, you can still meet native clans, in which players come together. The game itself, on the other hand, is still developing. Every now and then new updates are released. We have dozens of different items, elements of equipment and different classes. This multitude can be overwhelming and without guides available on the Internet, it may be difficult for us to find ourselves in this world. Not all players liked the numerous updates. Jagex decided to release RuneScape Oldschool especially for them. This is the 2007 version of the game. In order to get the most pleasure from the game, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee (about 8 USD). It is not necessary, even unnecessary at the start. Membership opens up a lot of new possibilities, but in order to get the most out of it, you need to develop your character on free servers. The game can be recommended to anyone who likes large MMORPGs and does not want to be associated with a specific character class at the beginning of the game.

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