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The end of summer always abounds in the premieres of football games. This year Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 comes to the first fire. Konami's work is always a mystery, because the full version of the game differs from the demo with its gameplay. The new PES have a big challenge ahead of it, because last year's edition was made at high level.

Every time a PES premiere takes place, there is talk of licensing problems. No one is surprised by the presence of MD White instead of Real Madrid. Most teams from Italian or French leagues are also non-original teams, not to mention the lack of German Bundesliga. For PS4 and PC owners this is not a problem. The fast-moving moderation team creates perfect outfits and team emblems. Just download their file and enjoy the real teams. It seems that the data import option is a tacit permission from Konami to patch the game. Two days after the premiere all the strongest leagues are available. I think that the weaker ones (maybe also the first division) are also in production, although some of them can be found in the game. Eventually, the Japanese producer has obtained licenses for Danish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, almost all Italian, Dutch, Swiss, French, Belgian, Scottish and several leagues from South America. The problem has xbox owners, because there is no technical possibility to install a patch there.

The game offers several modes already known to us. Apart from single matches for one or two players there is a career mode - Master League, leagues, cups, online matches, cooperative matches, online divisions and probably the strongest point of this edition of Pro Evo - My Club. The assumptions of all modes are similar to those of the previous edition. In the Master League, however, the interface has changed slightly and unfortunately the Champions League is missing. Of course, this is also a task for moderators, but only in terms of emblems. We won't hear this wonderful anthem anymore and we won't raise a virtual cup. Besides, we take any club and conquer the football world again. Along the way we make transfers, and between seasons we play friendly games. Playing on the top player level seems to be a bit more difficult than last year's part. Certainly, this is influenced by the faster pace of the game and more conscious and thoughtful playing of a computer player. This time it is a bit more difficult to hit from a distance, just like to cross the ball from a corner throw straight on the head of a teammate. While in the last quarter the free kick shots were sometimes frustrating, this time, when we have a good shooter and we hit the ball with a sense, there is a good chance that we will place the ball in the net. This feeling is important in every aspect of the game. With the right timing we have to jump to the heads and shoot. Goalkeepers don't make strange mistakes, and the better ones can show off incredible parades. The behaviour of the referees is mostly correct. Sometimes it happens to say in football "referee pharmacist," but rarely enough that you can swallow it calmly Also passes have changed. In this aspect the game does not forgive mistakes, especially in online duels. It is very easy to hold down the button on the paddle for a long time, and the ball will fly much further than we assume. At the beginning of the myclub mode, it is even easier to make such mistakes, because apart from one or two world-class players, we will have players of lower quality, who will find it difficult to play perfect passes at the pace. The game makes it easier to start and gives us some money for the first few meetings of the legendary David Beckham, as well as some money for the start. My Club is also a lot of combinations with the line-up and adapting the game to the style of your manager. While in Master League we can determine the tactics very precisely, here its diametric changes are always associated with the need to change, or actually buy a new manager. Of course, you can buy virtual money, but these are not very invasive micropayments, and without that we will build a harmonious line-up. The problem of older editions of the game was nightmare matchmaking. You could turn on a rival search and go to make yourself a tea. After a few years it has finally been fixed and there are no problems with finding an opponent. We connect quickly and without any problems.

Gameplay is a lot of fun. It's of course a matter of taste, personal preferences and expectations for football. However, in my opinion, this is the best kick since the times of Fifa 11 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Players' movements, dynamic gameplay, juicy strokes and passes make the so-called syndrome of one more match. The game is very addictive, even if we fail and we want to quickly raise the ranking online. Add to this the flavor of tired players moving for a walk and watching behind you in situations with a rival behind you, and you can feel the emotion of a real football match.

I played on Playstation 4 pro, on a 50" TV with 4k picture and HDR technology. The graphics are at a very high level and you can see the jump between PES 2018. The stadiums have been reproduced in very good detail, as well as the faces of the players. The weather looks like real, all the more so when the players leave traces on it. We can edit non-original stadiums a bit, composing our own pitch pattern, colours of nets in the goal, and when editing the team we can type in any (without taking into account the words understood by the game as non-priceless) subtitles. There is a lack of real behaviors and even supporters' movements. Unfortunately, the sound layer is bland, the soundtrack in the menu makes me turn it off for my music from Spotify. It's boring and annoying. Commentators present the correct level, but Konami could take an example from NBA from 2k Games.

After installing the original teams and muted music in the menu, the game appears to be a jewel of football games. PES have changed very much to the plus, and such big changes in this type of games is a rarity. Competitor from EA has a very difficult nut to crack, because it is difficult to suspect Fifa of any fundamental changes. You can be sure that the assumptions of Fifa Ultimate Team mode will not change in terms of gameplay. There will still be a very dexterity ball, where hockey results will often be played. Football from Konami focuses on realism and does not favour any player with a handicap. On the other hand, Fifa always sells better because it is more affordable for the younger generation. For all the good changes (except for the sound) it's worth to love the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and spend a lot of hours in it.

The final grade: 9/10