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Do you think the battle with the Night King was weak and you would have done better? Well, you have a chance. Here is one of the best modifications for "Mount & Blade - A World of Ice and Fire". This is a mod developed since 2013, around which a pretty nice community grew up (over $1300 support per month on Patreon at the time of writing the article). The modification is so huge and extended with features absent from the base game that it can be described as a separate game on the Mount & Blade engine.

We start like in a regular "Mount & Blade", i.e. by creating a character and determining whether we want to take part in a serial or a book universe. Choosing the past will affect the initial settings - the nobleman will provide a leadership bonus and quite good equipment, and the former slave will begin his adventure practically naked. But one thing is common - we start during the Stark slaughter in King's Landing. After a while we fall to the ground and miraculously we manage to survive. We receive the first task and the Lannister forces move behind us. The first feature of this mod comes out - a huge level of difficulty, we are weak, very weak. Our character barely manages to fight the peasants, let alone the regular army. So you have to try hard to survive in Westeros.

The feature line leads us to Robb Stark and the Night Watch, whom we will help in connection with the threat posed by the Wild and White Walkers. You can write so much about it that it is - the tasks have never been a strong point of "Mount & Blade". Either way, we are going to go beyond the wall or we are going to have a Red Wedding. What's interesting, these events change the world on an ongoing basis - and so after the Craster Fortress rebellion Jon Snow will become Lord Commander, and after the Red Wedding… Perhaps Robb will survive? Alternatively, you can join the funny company of Dreadfort and perform a free peeling for the prisoners.

The main feature of this fashion is full freedom of action (even by M&B standards). We can join anyone, not necessarily even as a vassal. If you play for example as an ordinary mercenary, you can join the Lord's army and slowly advance in it, starting from the lowest positions. And if you don't have a warrior in your head, your career as a bard, bounty hunter or bandit will open up. You can always become a peasant if you feel like it, find a spouse, have children and start your own settlement. Not only that! You can even bypass Westeros and escape east at the first opportunity to trade slaves and fight against Khalasar in the open. Seriously, do whatever you want, you can't just join the White Walkers, but the player can die, so who knows?

The map is 3 times bigger than in Warband, and the cities are quite faithfully reproduced. There are a lot of characters known from the series, but at the same time many facts do not agree - for example, Arya and Sansa are in Winterfell from the very beginning. So as long as we look at it from the point of view of a game in the climate of GoT, and not a faithful representation of history - we shouldn't be disappointed.

A few more words need to be said about technical issues. Modifications can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop or from direct link. Personally, the only exception I have for version 4.3 - in bigger battles my, not so weak computer "choking itself" trying to generate calculations for several hundred warriors, unfortunately it is not possible to reduce this option in the settings. Besides, the mod is just great and it's perfect for waiting for the next episode!

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