dodane przez Marek Lipiński, 16 października 2018 19:31

It is said that we Poles are born football coaches. It is especially visible after losing the World Cup, when many fans indicate mistakes made by the coach of our national team. What if you could actually prove yourself in the selector's profession, and at the same time legally bypass the need to obtain a license?

Such a possibility is offered by the Internet Football Club Olimpia Poznań. With the help of a simple game called Real Club Manager we can actually determine the composition of the team that will play in a real match. In addition, from the official coach of the club, who is actually on the bench during matches, we receive three formations to choose from. Of course, we vote for both the formation and the line-up together with the other fans. Each of them can allocate a certain amount of virtual coins for the selection of a specific player. The more we want our favourite player to play in the match, the more coins we allocate for his selection. Sounds familiar? It's a bit like on a Steemit blockbuster. With the right volume of voice, we choose the content, which in our opinion present high quality. In the application we not only vote for tactics and players, but we also put the mentioned coins on the fact that other fans - trainers will choose the same players as us. The more our line-up coincides with the actual choice, the more coins we win, otherwise we lose them. This is a very well thought-out strategy, because if there are people (e.g. from a team of rivals) who want to harm Olympia by choosing weak players, they will quickly lose coins.

How does it work in practice? Quite well. Already in the first season the players were promoted from the B-class to the A-class, outclassing their rivals. Then the team took second place and was promoted to the district league. At the moment, after three matches Olimpia has 4 points on his account. They scored a draw, defeat and victory. The next goal is to be promoted to the fourth football league. It will of course be more difficult than in the lower leagues, but everything is possible in sport. Especially when the club has such a big promotion. There were already similar projects. After paying the entry fee at Ebbsfleet United, the fans could also decide on the line-up. However, they stopped paying when the club was doing better and better. In the case of the Olympics, this is free, and the club itself is probably the only team in the world that is managed by fans using a mobile application. The formal Olympic authorities ensure that, over time, they will increase the competence of supporters and allow them to decide on transfers as well.

The application itself not only allows you to vote on the formation and line-up, but also watch the team's matches live. In addition, it offers information about the weight, height and biography of players, a few rather clumsy mini-games in which we can win coins, as well as a simple rpg mode, in which we can replace the virtual cellars with a nicer room. The latter aspect of course has only cosmetic significance. Personally, I will support Olympia and watch their matches meticulously in order to gain knowledge about the players and choose the best possible line-up. Maybe thanks to my decisions next season we will fight in a higher league?