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Children's dreams finally come true. A project called Dreams will allow us to create our own games without any programming skills. Imagination and creativity are enough for us!

Dreams will appear only on the Playstation platform. In theory, this is an action game, but it is supported by an extraordinary potential, which can make the players' dreams of creating their own productions come true. Media Molecule studio is responsible for this project, which has created the Little Big Planet series. Already in this platformer you could create your own games, but the third - the latest part of LBP was quite a disappointment. Dreams already in beta version looks much more promising.

All the fun with your own game designs consists in drawing our levels and characters thanks to simple tools implemented in Dreams. This simplicity will allow you to create real gaming artworks!. Already the beta version surprised with the vast possibilities. The easiest way is to create logical games or platform games. However, nothing stands in the way of designing an great shooter. The following material from the creation of characters and levels shows that in Dreams we are limited only by imagination:

Dreams has great potential both for a great hit, as well as for building a great community, which will bring together game developers and artists who with simple shapes will create wonderful works. Dreams is not only about playing with shapes. In talented hands it can be an advanced tool for creating games, which also offers games with light, shadow and mechanics of our objects. Are you missing a P.T game whose production is over? One of the creators recreated it in Dreams:

This was a livestream from Media Molecule, which shows the possibilities of its game and presents a few tricks that are worth knowing before the release of the full version.

The only thing that may be a little bit disturbing is the copyright on games. A few days ago I watched The Legend of Zelda created in Dreams, and today I can't find this material anymore. Is it Nintendo's intervention? After all, for sure, players will want to create clones of well-known titles from other platforms. I'm also wondering if it would be possible to create fully fledged RPGs with a lot of statistics. The game is to appear this year, at an unspecified time. Beta, however, shows that the game seems to be at the final stage of production. We keep our fingers crossed and wait impatiently.

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