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There is a type of game that I would call "toilet games" and I don't mean Japanese visual novel, to put it in perspective. I mean the productions that we can play during the meetings in the temple of pride. That's the latest production from Studio 7A Games - Mars Power. It's a simple puzzle game about building a Martian base. But building is too big a word, the game is rather about setting up the power supply stations for buildings on the board.

There is no tutorial in the game - we learn through increasingly complex levels, which suggests associations with the game Portal, which is not the only reference. While at the beginning the levels are complicated sensibly, at later stages the difficulty level is blurred. Sometimes I sat over one board for half an hour and then I solved a few more in a blink of an eye.

We have here some remnant history, in fact we don't quite know what about. Probably about the birth of life from strawberry (wtf). Additionally, robots flying around the board and dark spots of some Martian mushroom, which can destroy our buildings (which makes it easy to solve, because it indicates the way we should build a network). In general, I think that it was not worthwhile to make the story, because the game would have been good and without it.

In terms of graphics, we have here an eye catchy pixel artist, everything is clear and the setting itself gives the atmosphere of the game. The music is fine, I don't expect a small logical game with a complex soundtrack, but it doesn't get upset enough to turn it off.

Generally it is a nice game for short sessions, I went through it myself in about 4 hours, collecting on the way all the finds (in this role Martian strawberries). For 2€ we get a few hours of exercises for the brain, new elements appear at short intervals, but on the other hand, sudden jumps of difficulty annoy us.

Final score: 7/10


  • An interesting idea for the game
  • Nice graphic design
  • New elements introduced at reasonable intervals


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