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Did any of you play Violet Fall? It's hard to meet a player who heard about it.. It's one of those games that appeared on the web and disappeared very quickly. The beta version was made available to players between 2013 and 2014. It's a pity, because despite the ascetic scenery and constantly updated shortages, wandering around the areas of postapocalyptic Warsaw or Gdańsk had its archaic charm. Brown plane on which buildings appeared in some places, rare plants and deadly creatures…. You were traveling from left to right looking for ammunition, weapons or anything to survive. Classics :)

Despite basing the game on the plot of a very good book ("Fiolet" by Magdalena Kozak) the authors did not manage to gather a larger group of players. The feedback was very low. As you can guess the cost of keeping the project up outweighed the profits and the game collapsed.

The creators fought bravely. On February 13 in 2014, the inaugural entry of a new website appeared on the facebook - a new version of VF playing the same scenario. It was called Violet Fall Tactics. It could be found on the "kongregate" servers. "It's there until today and although an attempt to reach the game page invariably results in a message: "Sorry, it wasn't possible to find …".

Graphically, but also modestly, it was much better. Definitely not the level presented in the first edition of The Witcher, but the game had potential. The more so because the action of the game was set not in the realities of the world somewhere else, but in the alternative reality of polish lands. Names of cities, neighborhoods, streets that are easy to find on the map… With good PR and a few changes in graphics people would come from the world to play an urban game on the spot - a real addition to the scenery known from the Virtual.

But all that is good ends once in a while.

In April 2014 a message appeared on the Violet Fall Tactics website: "We are currently struggling with some difficulties as a company. Unfortunately, keeping our thumbs on which the creators asked for help did not help and on 9.10.2015 Trinity Studio Sp z o.o., the company responsible for the game, was deleted from the registry of entrepreneurs. There are a few memories left, a film trailer shot in the Kalina Film Studio. And a bit of sadness that it didn't work out. The game didn't break through.

Dozens of good ideas, months of work…. Violet Fall does not stand out especially from the multitude of other games trying to win fans and losing with reality. Why does this title seem to me worth reminding? Sentiments. :) I don't know the second game, which action would take place in our country - on the Vistula River. If I missed something, please correct it, but the games usually lead us to the lands "behind seven mountains". If somewhere closer, it is usually Chicago or New York. Or Russia.

And at the end of the above mentioned trailer directed by Tomasz Zasada. The shots from the beach are "so-so", but the graphics of the postapocalyptic scenery - brilliant.

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